We provide a range of advisory, delivery and training services across six key competencies. All are designed to enable our customers to succeed through faster delivery of quality software

DevOps Adoption

Raise efficiency, quality and speed through better development and operations collaboration

Deliver Continuously

Move from big, risky releases to continuous delivery through test, release and deployment automation

Rapid Delivery

Something about outsourcing entire projects to us which we will deliver with x10 people adopting these principles

Microservices, Containerisation and Docker

Microservices, Containerisation and Docker

Cloud Migration

Migrate and deliver applications in the Cloud with scalability, resilience and security

Automate Infrastructure

Add agility to your infrastructure through automation, virtualisation, and configuration management


Global DevOps Maturity Assessment

DevOps Maturity and Microservices

Delivering Fully Automated Continuous Delivery Pipeline

AWS Tools Migration, Implementing Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Infrastructure and Continuous Delivery Build

DevOps Maturity and Tooling Strategy

Bootstrapping new platform with AWS, Docker and Ansible

Rapid Delivery Bootcamp

Docker Training and Adoption

DevOps Maturity Assessment

DevOps Maturity and Delivery

DevOps Maturity Assessment

  • “Contino have been instrumental during the early phases of our technology transformation. They quickly assembled a strong team of full stack developers, bringing deep expertise in their specialist areas such as DevOps Continuous Delivery and related tools such as EC2, Docker and Node.js. I am confident that we have built a platform that will give us the technical and organisational base on which to build the world’s leading Digital and Educational Technology business.”

    Clifton Cunningham CTO TSL

  • “The clarity in the concepts and technique explanations, and the immediate hands-on 15 minutes exercises has made this “rapid delivery” bootcamp very useful to build up a very productive development team in record time. Now we have increased our productivity by more than 60% across the teams in less than two sprints (two weeks each). The quality of the software has improved even more.”

    Juan Saenz de Santa Maria, Customer Channels Manager at Banco de Chile

  • “Contino are supporting our strategic move towards more collaborative ‘DevOps’ inspired ways of working. Their consultants are technically skilled but also bring to the table insight and support in making genuine cultural change. Contino continue to work with us on our Virtualisation and Cloud strategy and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to other organisations looking to secure better results for their IT spend.”

    Steve White Managing Director Technology Services Division at Hogarth Worldwide


People, Process, Technology

We combine a deep knowledge of the people, process and technical considerations for successful adoption of DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Agile Development practices

Industry Leading Practitioners

Our industry leading team has been working in this way before the terms existed on some of the most high profile and challenging projects

Fully scalable services

From our DevOps Maturity Assessment through to the end to end delivery of your projects, our services can scale to your unique requirements


We use and partner with a number of best of breed technologies and vendors



Benjamin Wootton


Applying DevOps and Continuous Delivery to raise efficiency, quality and drive business value

Matt Farmer


Building a team of world class practitioners who are transforming the performance of our clients

Richard Wadsworth

DevOps Transformation Consultant

Pragmatic, straight talking, hands on technical consultant and cloud architect, delivering immediate business value through engineering and consulting best practices

Matt Saunders

Lead DevOps Consultant

Pragmatic technical operations architect and leader, using Devops to deliver quality software quickly and efficiently

Fred George

Strategic Advisor

Hands on developer, experimenter in micro-service architectures from 2005, father of “Programmer Anarchy”

Andrew Gordon-Brooks

Lead DevOps Practitioner

Full stack developer, automation specialist and technologist, leading and delivering large financial and media projects

Mark O’Shea

Lead DevOps Practitioner

Devops consultant with a broad range of experience in QA, development, infrastructure and team management  

James Nduka

Lead DevOps Practitioner

Full stack developer and DevOps engineer, automating releases, infrastructure and the cloud for our clients